Activate your Hidden Powers

Activate your Hidden Powers

"This brief overview of ideas is just the beginning of a never-ending journey of your own design"

Do you wish you were more intuitive, and more in control of your life? Both of these goals are within your reach—in fact, these abilities already lie within you, waiting to be discovered, honed, and utilized in substantially beneficial ways.

With our activated intuition—our psychic sense, we're able to discover more about what's going on in the world than our eyes and ears will tell us. We learn to sense misfortune approaching, and can therefore avoid it or lessen its impact. We become more in touch with humanity, more in touch with the web of life itself. By learning how to “work” the imagination, circumstantial reality can be altered into one's favor. Regular exploration, experimentation, and practice can bring your abilities to life. If you exercise your psychic and magickal skills daily, you'll soon see the true super-you shine! Here are a few ideas to try:


Read books on divination, self-hypnosis, psychic empowerment, magick, or other metaphysical subjects that interest you, and be open to new areas of exploration. Seek out conversation and social opportunities with people who are open to the idea of psychic growth and personal empowerment.


Try testing your psychic and magickal abilities through varied and challenging experimentation; it's a wonderful way to discover and unleash your hidden powers! Have you ever tried to read tarot cards, or speak to the spirits of loved ones that are no longer with us? Have you ever used meditation, music, or movement as a means of empowering your greatest visions of success? Experiment; try new things, and watch your perceived limitations dissolve!


Our powers tend to wane when we're not making the most of them. Working to develop intuition and other psychic abilities takes time and practice. You will see results right away if you begin to exercise your gifts even randomly, but it's regular practice that gets (and keeps!) the psychic sense in tip-top shape. Whether you're just discovering your psychic gifts or you're recognized as one of the world's top seers, your skills grow with practice and weaken without it, plain and simple.

This brief overview of ideas is just the beginning of a never-ending journey of your own design, a journey into the mysteries of life and you!