The Art of Inviting Romance

The Art of Inviting Romance

Using your Mind and Spirit to Attract Love into your Life

As Valentine's Day nears, thoughts turn to love, courtship, and romance. If you've been a little lonely lately and would welcome a new romance, there are many things you can do to help invite more loving energies into your life. Try these ideas to help you take the first steps into your bright, romantic future.

Open Your Heart: In order to attract love to your life, you have to be open and ready for it. Take some time to think honestly about any old emotional scars or baggage you might still be carrying over from past relationships, and make a conscious effort to let go of negative beliefs and limiting, self-sabotaging attitudes.

Make Some Magic: Create a simple charm that will help attract loving, romantic energies. Carry it with you as a reminder of your goal. The charm can take many forms. You might try writing a list of the qualities you seek in a lover, carrying this around with you along with a piece of rose quartz and a bag of cherry pits, natural items that have long been associated with matters of the heart.

Be Your Best: Another way to help attract the best person for you is to be your very best self at all times. Strive to pursue your goals and uphold your own highest standards. Keep a positive attitude and an open mind. When you're being your best, your best potential partners are more likely to notice you and be attracted.

If you follow this advice and get yourself out in public and into various social settings, you're bound to find love right around the corner!