Bring Peace to your Space with Wind Chimes

Bring Peace to your Space with Wind Chimes

The demands of our everyday lives can leave us feeling stressed out and frazzled, weighed down and dull. By making your living space harmonious and joyful inside and out, you'll create a peaceful sanctuary in which to soothe away the worries of the day. Wind chimes are a great way to add fresh, positive energy to your home or yard.

Associated with change, transformation, and the breath, the element of Air, epitomized in the wind itself, has a refreshing quality that can be harnessed to help you let go of stress and welcome in a new, positive energy. With wind chimes, you have an external mechanism, a physical object, through which the Air can sing its song, soothing your heart and mind.

Wind chimes come in many shapes and sizes, and they can be constructed from a variety of materials ranging from copper tubes, bells, or other metal objects, to pieces of bamboo or even shells. The tinkling, ringing quality of metal-based wind chimes is ideal for welcoming into your space that new, positive, harmonious energy that's perfect for relieving stress and creating a sense of solace and sanctuary.

Try using wind chimes in different areas of your living space. Hang one by the front door to ring in an evening of relaxation when you come home from a long and stressful day; put one in the backyard and listen to the wind blow a sweet tune while you enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea outdoors. Wind chimes can even be used inside the home. Hang them in an open window where breezes will blow past, or hang them fairly low so that they can be tinkled and jingled by hand whenever you want a burst of fresh energy in the home.

Versatile, beautiful, practical, and relaxing, wind chimes can really do wonders for our lives, bringing greater harmony and peace to our living spaces as well as our spirits.