Four Great Aromatherapy Scents for Spring

Four Great Aromatherapy Scents for Spring

The Spring Equinox is fast approaching, signaling the beginning of a season of growth and renewal. If you feel like your life could use a little freshening up, now's the time to make it happen. Incorporating these herbs into your daily routine can do a lot to help you attune to the energies of spring.

Citrus: Use orange, lemon, and lime scents to increase energy and bring a fresh burst of strength and joy. Make potpourri with dried and ground citrus peels, and use orange essential oil as a perfume that will get your vibes in line with the sunny days of spring.

Gardenia: Sweet and delicate, the scent of gardenia is purifying and rejuvenating. Use gardenia essential oil in lotions, perfumes, and hair products to put your beautiful aura in harmony with the season. Place vases of gardenia around the house to help create a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Sage: An excellent herb for clearing away stale or negative energies, sage is a must-have for spring. Burn sage smudge sticks to banish bad vibes from the home and welcome in fresh energies.

Mint: Distinct and refreshing, the smell and the flavor of mint are the perfect accompaniment to a little springtime soul-cleansing. Sip a glass of iced mint tea as you let go of any leftover winter doldrums and welcome in the new adventures of spring. Pick a sprig of fresh mint from your garden and crush it between your fingers as you let go of stress and take a deep breath of invigorating minty air.

Spring is a time of renewed strength, renewed hope; it's a time for winter and all things dead to be replaced with new life. Using citrus, gardenia, sage, and mint this season will help you get in tune with Nature's flow and make the most of it.