How Color Symbolism can Bring Magic to your Life

How Color Symbolism can Bring Magic to your Life

You've heard the expression, “Dress for success,” but have you ever really carried out this idea to its fullest? With color symbolism in mind, you can intentionally dress for success, romance, happiness, courage, calmness, good luck, or anything else you'd like to attract. Colors are vibrations of light, and every hue has its own unique energy pattern that can affect your moods and influence surrounding energies. Try taking color symbolism into account in your dress for a week, and see for yourself how simple it can be to alter your world for the better. Here is a list of colors and attributes. Adapt it as you see fit—it's what the color means to you that matters most!

Red: Wear to increase energy or strength or to attract love and passion.

Black: Wear to enhance psychic sensitivity and heighten defenses.

White: Wear to calm, purify, or refresh the spirit. Also good for general positivity and protection.

Green: Wear to attract resources, bring healing, encourage growth, or strengthen connections to the natural world.

Yellow: Wear to enhance communication, leadership, and logic.

Blue: Wear to attract true love or to increase happiness.

Purple: Wear to enhance psychic abilities, recharge the spirit, and heighten the passions.

Orange: Wear to increase strength, bring courage, boost energy, or encourage alertness.

Pink: Wear to calm erratic energies and encourage compassion. Also good for attracting romance.

Brown: Wear to stay grounded and centered, to strengthen connections with the natural world, to bring strength, or to attract prosperity.

Try choosing your fashions based on this system, and see for yourself what a little color can do!