How to Encourage Lucid Dreaming

How to Encourage Lucid Dreaming

You do a lot already to live an empowered lifestyle, but wouldn't you like to experience empowerment in your sleeping life, as well? Through lucid dreaming, you can! Lucid dreams are those super vivid dreams that we remember upon waking, the dreams in which we are fully aware within the dream rather than simply seeing ourselves from the observer perspective. They usually seem meaningful or prophetic, fraught with symbols that we often later find popping up in our day to day lives. Many people say they can't remember their dreams, but this “can't” should really be a “don't yet.” Everyone can learn to have lucid dreams, and with a little practice and intention, you can experience a new style of dreaming that will truly benefit your waking life. Lucid dreams can teach us; through our conscious dreams, we can experience and know things that are unattainable to us otherwise. Here are a few things you can do to encourage lucid dreaming:

Set Your Intention: Decide that you want to have lucid dreams to plant this thought seed in your subconscious. You might even write down your wish on a slip of paper to tuck into your pillowcase, or simply state your intention out loud each night before going to sleep.

Pay Attention: Be aware of the images and thoughts that swirl in your head during that hazy state between wakefulness and sleep. You can then consciously set these images and thoughts in motion to trigger a deeper dream state.

Be Consistent: Try each night to have a lucid dream, and upon waking every morning, write down anything and everything you can remember from your dreams. Many people find that practicing consistently allows lucid dreaming to happen much more quickly.

Look at Your Dream Body: As you find yourself becoming more aware of the fact that you're dreaming, try to remember to take a look at your dream body—your hands or feet, your torso, or even your hair. Doing so triggers a more solid consciousness within the dream state, putting you more in control of your dreams. From this level of awareness, you can project your dream self anywhere you like, experience anything you'd like to experience, and find the answers to the questions that plague you.

Try it for a month and give it a shot. With lucid dreaming, you can be in the driver's seat of your dreams. Besides, who couldn't use a good nap?